Limited Bracelet Designs for 2024

THIS YEAR AND NEXT we will be rotating some of our older bracelet designs, so not all designs will be available. Note: Not all styles are always available in the onesie line. EDEN is now CLOSED and will not reopen until summer 2024. No further repairs or exchanges until Summer 2024. Any issues or repairs need to be brought to our attention in person immediately on or after the purchase, or at least 2 weeks before we close for the season (or when we reopen in Summer 2024, we do nothing through the mail, including returns). 

In 2024 available designs will include the new 2024 Design — all Screwball Styles, Herring, Open Eden Cuff, Open Twist, Sun Glimmer, Shiners only in Carnelian (red) and Jade, Twist Loop & Ball, Semi-Precious, Shepherd’s Hook, Whale Tail, Whale Cuff, Sun & Moon, & Halo.

Limits on Bracelets for Inside tickets that may be purchased are:

  • One person with a one person inside ticket — Limit 4 Bracelets
  • Two or Three people on one ticket — Limit is 6 total Bracelets per ticket (not per person)

Planning for your 2024 Visit…

Instructions for booking free tickets in summer 2024

FREE TICKETS ARE REQUIRED for any visit  — for both inside shop and for the outside onesie line. Only one ticket (visit) per individual (primary ticket holder AND guests) every 30 days is allowed in order to keep it fair to everyone who wants to visit Eden. Either ticket (inside or onesie counts as one visit. Coordinate with each member of your party before booking. If any person on your ticket books a ticket too,   ALL TICKETS WILL BE CANCELED,  no further tickets will be issued to anyone in your group and you will be blocked from further bookings.  Each ticket is good for one to three people (you choose), and children count as people too.

  • The time we open tickets is random, but always at a reasonable morning hour.
  • Tickets are never transferable in any way and cannot be transferred as gifts or booked in someone else’s name.
  • A photo ID is required for every adult person on your ticket and must match names and/or addresses and zip codes you provided on your booking form  (exact spelling; no nicknames, abbreviations, or missing letters or numbers). The person presenting the ticket at Eden must match our master ticket list or you (and guests if applicable) will be denied entry.
  • If you provide us with invalid/incorrect information your ticket will be cancelled without notice and no alternative ticket will be issued (see above about names on ID’s).
    • Cancellations when available, will show up on our website on the ticket booking page—WE CANNOT ISSUE TICKETS IF WE ARE FULL.
    • If you are using a tablet or cell phone be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the ticket booking schedule and when dates will be available to book.
  • Tickets are not required for repairs and exchange for size (as long as the exchange is for the same design/style and exchanged item is in new condition) and can be done any day we are open (Wed – Sat) at the check -in gate WITHOUT A TICKET at only the following times: 10:30am, 11:30am, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, or 4:00pm. NO sales of any sort will be done at the gate. Exchanges for a different style item will require a ticket for the Onesie Line IF YOU KNOW WHAT STYLE YOU WANT.  If you want to browse the various designs for an exchange you will need an inside ticket. WE CLOSED for the Season. Bring any repairs when we reopen in Summer 2024.

Instructions to Book a FREE Eden Ticket

Click on either Inside Shop or Outside Onesie Line (tickets are not interchangeable). Hover over the “info” circle to see the difference between them if needed. Click on “Tickets”.

  1. Click on the purple time box of your choice under the blue date you would like to visit, Wednesday – Saturday (we are closed Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays). Click the arrow if necessary to go to the correct week or scroll through to check for cancellations.  Please read #8 if there is not a time listed under the date.
  2. If a purple date is available, fill out all required information.If you cannot book a purple box, someone else has already booked it pending approval, please try a different time.
  3. Check the Text/SMS box to get notifications and a reminder on your phone, this is especially helpful if you type in your email incorrectly (you will be notified by text if your booking was successful).
  4. Click on SAVE BOOKING.
  5. If successful, you will see a screen that says “Thanks for your booking”.
  6. Check the email address you provided in your contact information (or your spam folder) for the actual ticket (this may take 3 days to arrive pending approval).
  7. Use the “If you need to make changes” link on your ticket to make changes OR to cancel. We cannot do this for you.
  8. If a blue date does not have a purple box with ticket times available under it, we are either full or that week has not yet been opened. We cannot issue tickets for a date that is fully booked. Our booking calender (below) is the ony way for you to book tickets.  Do not email us for tickets, you will not get a response. If you cannot book a purple box, someone else has a pending appointment waiting for approval, please try another time.
  9. Only one ticket is allowed for each name on ticket per month (30 days). More than one request will result in all tickets/requests being canceled  and no further tickets will be issued. Any tickets with incomplete or incorrect information will be canceled. 
  10. Any incorrect, mistypes, nicknames, missing or added info on your name or address THAT DOES NOT MATCH YOURS OR YOUR GUEST(S) ID’S EXACTLY WILL NOT BE VALID FOR ENTRY; EVEN WITH A TICKET. Tickets are checked first at the gate and you will be turned away. Please cancel and resubmit if this is the case.
  11. Please add EDEN HAND ARTS to your contact list to avoid having your ticket go to your junk mail or CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL FOR TICKETS (especially if you signed up for text reminders and received a text confirmation that your booking was successful.

The “Onesie” line is  primarily for return customers, who have a repair, an exchange for another style, or want to replace a tag (you will need to bring the bracelet with you). You may also purchase ONE item if you already know the exact type and style you want. Each person on the ticket may also purchase ONE item from the Onesie Line ony if they know the item they want. (We will help you find the right size.) The “Onesie” line will also require a ticket.

One ticket per each individual (even if you came as a guest) per month (every 30 days) is allowed.

We cannot bring out items to show you with a “Onesie” Line Ticket and we do not have a catalog. If you are undecided, want to browse the various styles of jewelry or pottery we design and make on the premises by hand, or want more than ONE item, the onesie line is NOT for you, please book an “Inside” Ticket.

Do not use the following email domains:,,,,, These email servers do not accept our emails.



DO NOT request MORE THAN ONE TICKET per individual (primary ticket holder AND guests).  Only ONE visit is allowed every 30 days per person in order to keep it fair to everyone who wants to visit Eden. Any ticket (inside or onesie) counts as one ticket (visit). Coordinate with all members of your party BEFORE booking. Any requests not meeting this limit (purposely or accidentally) will be canceled and blocked from booking any further tickets. You will be asked to agree to these terms in order to book a ticket. Do not come to the shop if your tickets were canceled, you cannot get in with a canceled ticket. Do not email us, no reply will be sent if you double booked.  

Please check back when we reopen Summer 2024 for tickets.

Please do not email ticket requests! You will not be answered.

Cancellations: We understand that unexpected things come up, but since tickets are limited, reserving this time slot for you means it isn’t available for someone else. Tickets MUST be canceled at least 12 hours BEFORE your appointment. Any ticket that is not canceled in this time frame will count as a no show, and no further tickets will be issued. The ONLY way to CANCEL a ticket, is to click on the cancel option on your ticket. DO NOT email us or send a message over FACEBOOK to cancel your ticket.