Ticket Request Form

EDEN is now processing tickets for the 2019 summer season. Free tickets are required to go inside the shop anytime we are open. Only one ticket per party (1-3 people) can be issued. Do not book a ticket if you plan on only using the onsey line.

If we are full, no tickets are available.

  • Tickets are ONLY available through our website edenhandarts.info. We do not issue tickets any other way.
  • are only honored if they are received directly from us
  • are always given out FREE of change
  • are never transferable in any way
  • that only one ticket is allowed per name or email
  • that a photo ID is required and must match the name on the ticket
  • the person presenting the ticket at Eden must match our master ticket list or you will be denied entry

Ticket Request Process

We are now accepting ticket requests approximately 10 days before the actual weekend. During the season, each Monday, we will make available one more week for ticket requests. Please find the “i” icon on calendar below on the Monday 10 days before the weekend you would like to visit. No requests will be accepted before this time frame. The only way to request a ticket is through the calendar below. Please wait until the calendar dates are open. Ticket requests via email are not accepted. We do not issue alternative date/time tickets.

Cancel a previously booked ticket before booking another reservation if your plans change. We are unable to give alternate date tickets.

Instructions to book your ticket:

  1. On the calendar below, hover over one of the available dates (shown with a green highlight) when you would like to visit Eden. You will see the number of tickets available for either a morning visit (10:00 AM – 1:00 PM) or an afternoon visit (1:00 PM – 4:30 PM).
  2. Click on the date and then, underneath the calendar, click on either the morning,10:00 AM–1:00 PM, or the afternoon, 1:00 PM–4:30 PM, visiting hours. Clicking on your choice of either the morning or the afternoon hours twice will fill in the “Ticket begins” AND the “Ticket ends” times on the request form.
  3. On the form to the right of the calendar (or below, depending on your screen size), select the appropriate “Ticket ends” time from the dropdown menu (or you can click twice on the appropriate choice underneath the calendar — see #2 above). You can only select either a morning time or an afternoon time, not both, on one ticket. Also the maximum number of visitors per ticket is three. Children are counted as people too.
  4. Fill in your contact details, then click the orange, “Request Ticket Now” button, under the “Order” section below the “Reservation” information on the far right side (or below the calendar, depending on your screen size). If you do not see the orange button—”Request Ticket Now”—you have yet to successfully select your desired “Date”  “Ticket begins”, and “Ticket ends” fields. Please try again.
  5. Once you have successfully submitted your request, you will be taken to a success page.

Within one to two days you will be sent an email approval of your booking request (if you don’t get it, check your junk folder). The email, approving your booking, is your ticket. Please bring either a printed copy of the email or have it available on your phone when you arrive at Eden. You will also need to provide a personal identification (such as a driver’s license) that matches the name on the ticket.

When viewing the calendar below, the color code is as follows:

GREEN = we are taking reservations
RED = we are booked
GRAY = we are not yet taking reservations for that week

Looking for a date that is already fully booked? Occasionally we do get cancellations, and our ticket calendar updated, so if a date you are looking for is not currently available (red), it could possibly open up again (green), so please check back.

Please carefully check your information before submitting, we are not responsible for tickets that cannot be issued due to spelling errors or incorrect information.