Our 2023 Season Begins on July 5th — Tickets Always Required

We fashion our jewelry with care and with love. Please treat it well and it should provide you with years of enjoyment. EDEN®, Cape Cod Screwball® and the Cape Cod Screwball Bracelet® configuration are registered trademarks. The only bracelets that have tags are the one and two screwball closed styles.  None of the others are able to have tags on them and are stamped with our “Eden” logo inside (with the exception of earrings and screwball pendants) so you can be assured it’s authentically handmade at our shop.

Ticket FAQs

Booking Tickets

1. When do tickets become available?

Tickets will become available two weeks in advance of the day/week you would like to visit (Wednesday through Saturday). When the shop is open, a schedule is posted on our website. The time tickets become available is random. 

2. Why are your tickets limited?

The reason for tickets is that Eden is a tiny business made up of a family of artists. Since each piece is made by hand, there is a limit to what we can produce, unlike mass produced machine made items. There are also limits to the ability of the property and neighborhood to handle crowds since we are located in a residential neighborhood and parking is very limited.

3. Do you have a cancellation or wait list I can be put on?

While we were hoping to have a waitlist feature, that turned out to not be possible this year.  So as in years past, if the date you want is full, please check back at least 12 hours ahead of time to see if there are any cancellations, if any cancellations become available they will be put back up on the ticket booking calendar.

4. Is there a limit on how many times I can book a ticket?

Yes, the limit is ONE per household/address per month (30 days) in order to keep it fair to everyone who wants to visit Eden. Any duplicate or alternate date/time requests will be deleted and blocked. There is one exception if you need to return an item or make an exchange, see #6.

5. What happens if I put in more than one ticket request?

If more than one appointment is made, all tickets will be canceled and not valid for entry. All requests will be deleted from our system and no tickets will be issued at all.

6. I have a reservation for one week, but want to make one for another week as well. Can I come more than once during the season?

You must cancel a current reservation before booking another. One ticket per household/address is allowed per month (30 days) to keep it fair to everyone that wants to visit. The only exception is if you just need to exchange or return an item. No other purchases can be made and the onesie line ticket can only be for one person. This can be done with a “Onesie” line ticket only.

7. Can I book a ticket for a friend or book for a person to use as a gift?

No, tickets are not transferable in any way and cannot be booked using one name, and someone else’s email or other information. The person that makes the ticket request will need a valid ID to check in. Any questionable requests will automatically be deleted.

8. I booked a ticket for the onesie line since that was all that was left, will I be able to go in the shop?

No, tickets are only valid for the specific option chosen (inside or outside) and cannot be changed. Please cancel your ticket and book another one to meet your needs.

9. What happens if I arrive late/early for my ticket appointment?

If you are arrive before your ticket time starts you will probably have to wait until the start time. You may arrive any time during your ticket time up to 15 minutes before it ends. If you arrive after your ticket time, you will not be allowed in as the next ticket times will be arriving. Your ticket is only good for the time you chose when booking your ticket.

10. I've lost my ticket HELP!

Your reminder email has all the information we need to check the ticket in.

Canceling or changing a ticket

1. How do I cancel my ticket?

The ONLY way to cancel you ticket is by using the “CANCEL” option on the ticket you were issued or on your reminder email. Do not send cancellations through our info email or Facebook. Do not call the shop. Do not ask a salesperson in the shop to cancel your ticket, they do not have access to the booking system. Do not call the shop, you will only hear an informational recording.

2. When do I need to cancel by?

The ONLY way to CANCEL a ticket, is to click on the cancel option on your ticket. We appreciate cancellations at least 24 hours in advance. However, tickets MUST be canceled at least 12 hours ahead of time. Any cancelation that does not meet that time frame (especially someone who cancels more than once) will be counted as a no show and no further tickets will be issued. DO NOT email us or send a message over FACEBOOK to cancel your ticket.

3. I canceled my ticket in the allowable time frame but did not receive an acknowledgment.
If you used the cancel option on your ticket, please check your junk mail folder.
4. What happens if I don’t cancel my ticket and don’t show up?

No further tickets will be issued to you.

5. I made my ticket for the wrong date or time, can I show up on another day or time to use my ticket?

No, tickets are only good for the time/date specified on your ticket. You will not have an appointment for any other date or time period. Do not come by expecting your ticket to be valid any other time.

6. What do I do if I need to change my time slot?

Cancel your ticket if the time or date no longer works for you and rebook at your convenience. There is a cancel option on your ticket if needed.

7. Can you change my ticket for me?

No, please cancel your ticket and rebook at your convenience. Please do not email it to us to cancel. We now use a user friendly automated system for your convenience.

8. My ticket was cancelled, but I didn't cancel it. Why?

If you did not initiate this cancelation:

  • Perhaps you had more than one time or date booked per household. Just one booking per carload is allowed every 30 days.
  • Incorrect, duplicated, or missing information can also result in cancellation.
  • Because we believe you have attempted to circumvent our ticketing process.
  • Or you treated a member of our staff disrespectfully on your last visit.

Number of people on tickets

1. My ticket is for 3 people. Can we come in separate cars?

No, if you booked a ticket for 3 people, it is good for one car/parking spot only. We are located in a residential neighborhood and parking is very limited. If you booked a ticket for 2 or 3, all people must arrive in the same car.

2. I booked my ticket for 3 people but only 2 of us can make it now, what should I do?

Please still come, however do not share your ticket with anyone else trying to get in. Doing so will forfeit any further tickets being issued to you.

3. My ticket says it is good for one person, I thought each ticket was good for three people?

When booking your ticket it is up to you to choose the amount of people 1, 2, or a maximum of 3 people (but only one car) when making your request. We cannot edit what you choose. If the amount on your ticket no longer works for you, please cancel and rebook at your convenience.

4. I accidentally booked a ticket for 1 or 2 people but I need a ticket for 3, what should I do?

Please cancel your ticket if it no longer works for you and rebook at your convenience.

5. What happens if my ticket is for 3 people and 2 of us are here now? Can we come in and let the other person come later?

No, everyone on your ticket must arrive at the same time and in the same car. Once the ticket has been checked in it is no longer valid.


1. Why didn’t I get my ticket?
  • First always check your junk mail. Some servers will automatically send them to spam.
  • The most obvious reason is you did not show up or cancel your previous reservation.
  • Other reasons could be you requested more than one date or time slot, you used another email or name to book more than one ticket.
  • You booked more than one date or time slot with a friend or family member and only used one.
  • You booked someone else a ticket with their name and your information or vice versa.
  • You or a member of your party treated our staff disrespectfully on your last visit.  
  • You bounced a check. 
  • You booked and canceled tickets more than three times in one season.
  • Faulty information was used on your request.
  • You are a reseller or related to one, you bought our items to resell for a profit on other sites.
  • You did not cancel your ticket 12 hours before time frame (canceling the day of or less than 12 hour notice constitutes as a no show).
  • Other reasons could be you mistyped your email on your request, or the email address you provided came back as undeliverable.
2. How long does it take to get my ticket?

YOUR TICKET CAN TAKE UP TO 4 DAYS TO ARRIVE, PENDING APPROVAL. Do not email us. Please check your junk mail with the email address you typed in on your request.

3. I can’t book a ticket, what am I doing wrong?

Please make sure you are trying to book an available date and not one that is already full or not yet opened. A purple box with times will be under the date if they are available to click on and box.  Don’t forget to scroll through each week opened as well, and check back for cancelations if a date you want is currently booked.

If you get an error message, you were a no show on your last appointment and no further tickets will be issued. 

4. Why isn’t anyone getting back to me on Facebook about my ticket?

We cannot accommodate you through Facebook with anything that has to do with tickets. Not cancel or book a ticket, or check on a reservation.

General FAQs

1. Can I see a price list? Can I pay by credit or debit card?

We ONLY accept cash or checks (with valid driver’s license). We do not accept credit or debit cards.

We don’t give specific pricing on social media platforms for a variety of reasons. However we understand that people might need to know how much money to bring, especially as we don’t accept credit cards. Therefore the following list will give you some idea of the price range. Note that if you want something like earrings/rings they will be on the lower end with bracelets at the higher:

      • ALL silver items (no gold): $60.00 — $180.00
      • Silver with gold (14K), this includes Herring: $100 — $450.00
      • All gold (14K):  $250.00 — $1500.00
      • NOTE: All gold two ball bracelets (open or closed) are a special order and take one to two weeks to make. The last date for 2022 that we will be taking all gold orders is August 20. 
2. Do we have any new items this year?

Usually, every year we introduce at least one new jewelry item and often several new pottery pieces (including different ornaments) that we have designed and made at Eden. However in 2021, while a number of new designs were in concept stage, it wasn’t possible to fabricate them. We are looking forward to introducing them in 2022

3. Where can I find driving directions to Eden Hand Arts?

For directions, please see the Visiting page.

4. Special requests/long-time customers/etc.

As you are aware, everything we sell is made by hand on our premises. When our popularity got more then could be humanly handled, we had three choices. One, to shut down. Two, triple our prices (or more) until only the very wealthy could afford an item. Or three, find a system that limited customers while not excluding any particular group of people. We chose number three. This means that we can not accomodate any special requests for tickets or requests for certain designs etc.

It also means that unfortunately we can’t make exceptions for that special occasion which would mean the world to someone. We do wish things were different especially when it’s for memories or end of life situations. If you can’t get a ticket, one suggestion is you take a walk on the beach and pick out a very special stone. Give it to the person with a note of care and love telling them your initial intention but it is the love behind it that really matters. If you like you can print this card to share how you feel. For Eden Card click here.

And finally, although we appreciate people who have been coming here since they (or their parents) were children, as stated above we can’t make exceptions.

5. What types of metals do you use?

We use sterling silver and 14k gold in all our work, nothing else. We often get asked if there is nickel in the silver. We assure you, there is no nickel in our sterling silver.


6. How do I measure for a proper fit?

Our Eden® Cape Cod Screwball® bracelet is designed to fit each individual wrist. The bracelet should be free to move over the wrist bone without catching on the bone. The bracelet definitely should not be able to turn around the wrist. To meet these specifications, the bracelets are manufactured in 1/8-inch increments, which means we have over 50 sizes. If you would like to purchase a bracelet as a gift, you may measure the lucky person’s wrist yourself. To ensure a proper fit, measure the wrist over the wrist bone using a plastic tape (do not use rubber bands, yarn, or any other stretchable material ). Pull the tape tight. We will then adjust the measurement to ensure comfort and maintain the style.

Neckwires cannot be measured off the premises. Each of our neckwires is bent to fit the individual neck. Because necks have either a horizontal or vertical oval shape, and because some necks are rounder than others, a simple tape measurement will not provide the accuracy we require. We need the neck. Gift certificates are available.


7. How do I care for my hand-wrought jewelry?


  1. Frequent removal of fitted sterling silver bracelets can deform the shape and cause the bracelet to crack and, eventually, to break.. Most bracelets cannot be repaired. (Repeated opening and closing causes the metal to become brittle.)
  2. Pools with chlorine will darken silver. This tarnish can be removed with silver polish and elbow grease.
  3. Occasionally, a person’s skin becomes more acidic than usual. The acid causes silver to tarnish. Clean the jewelry with silver polish.


  1. Chlorine in pools (or for household use) reacts with the gold and will cause breakage, especially when the jewelry comes in contact with chlorine daily. The same is true of bromine used in hot tubs.
  2. Repeated removal of fitted bracelets may cause breakage. Most bracelets cannot be repaired.

Neckwires cannot be measured off the premises. Each of our neckwires is bent to fit the individual neck. Because necks have either a horizontal or vertical oval shape, and because some necks are rounder than others, a simple tape measurement will not provide the accuracy we require. We need the neck. Gift certificates are available.


8. What is Eden Hand Arts return/exchange policy?

All of our work is unconditionally guaranteed to be free of defects in materials or workmanship. (This does not include failure to follow the above “How to Care” FAQ.)

The item must be brought to us in person only when the shop is open. During regular shop hours ( with a ticket), unworn jewelry may be exchanged for a different size or may be returned with a dated sales slip. Do not return bracelets through the mail. Pierced earrings are not returnable by law. Please refer to FAQ #11 for more information on broken jewelry.

9. How to remove tarnish?

Please see #8 “How do I care for my hand-wrought jewelry” on this FAQ page.


10. What do I do about broken jewelry?

We stand behind what is made by us. However, this does not include breakage from extremely old bracelets (everything wears out and becomes unrepairable eventually), previously repaired items, misuse due to frequent or incorrect removal. These are not a flaw in workmanship. Please see FAQs #8 & #9 above. Note: the item or return must be brought to us when we are open.

11. Why can’t we get in to shop even when there is no line?

Since each piece is made by hand there is a limit to what we can produce. Also there is a limit to the ability of the property and neighborhood to handle crowds which would increase if people were able to come in without a ticket.

12. Why do we have to wait outside even with tickets?

Sometimes everyone scheduled for the same time slot will all show up at the same time.  Other times it may depend on the customers in front of you and how long they take.

13. But what about if I’m with a group of four friends?

When the shop is fully opened, there are three sales staff each of whom can handle a party of up to three people. So, there are two options. You can wait until two sales staff are both free and all come in together or two of you can come in at a time. All four people however, must each have a ticket to do this. No matter what, four people may NOT ever come in with a three-person/one-carload ticket.

14. What about mail order?

We do NO mail order, no exceptions. Eden is a tiny business made up of a family of artists. Since each piece is made by hand, there is a limit to what we can produce, unlike mass produced machine made items. Our supply of jewelry is limited and we need stock for those who visit Eden. If you know someone on the Cape, perhaps they could help you. Also, we do not want to take on the bookkeeping associated with paying sales tax on sending things through the mail.

15. If I lose my Eden® Tag, why can’t I get one without the bracelet?

The purpose of the Eden® Tag is to identify that bracelet as made by us. There are many knock-offs out there even though we have trademarked the design. If we sold tags without knowing it was going on one of our bracelets, that would defeat its purpose.

16. Why don't you mail out replacement Eden® Tags?

We do NO mail order, no exceptions. Please see the FAQ about mail order above.

17. Why don't you post pictures of your jewelry online or allow taking pictures/videos in the shop?

Many of our designs have been copied without permission. To minimize this as much as possible we do not post pictures online or allow photographing/videotaping of any sort inside the shop.

18. Are you hiring? Can I work at Eden?

Sometimes, but not often, we have a position available. It could involve sales, helping out with entry level work in the pottery,  polishing jewelry or light gardening, etc.  If you are interested send a letter to P.O. Box 784, East Dennis MA 02641. Please tell us your interests, why you’d like to work for us, your previous experiences (a resume if you have one), of particular interest to us is any sort of projects you like to make with your hands and your email address. If a position is open we will contact you.

19. Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, when we are open, gift certificates are available to purchase in person. If purchasing a gift certifcate, please let the recipient know it is their responsibility to also book a free parking ticket. Buying a gift certifcate does not include a ticket. We do not sell gift certificates by mail or internet. We do not sell gift certificates when we are closed.

20. Do you have by appointment or off season appointments?

We do not open when we are closed. Our hours of operation are listed on our website. No exceptions.

21. Can my bracelet be resized?

Any original Cape Cod Screwball Bracelet — one or two ball, silver or gold, but NOT the open two ball or any other bracelet, can be made smaller. However we can not stretch the metal to make ANY bracelet bigger.

22. Can I exchange an older bracelet for one that fits?

No, we do not take back or exchange previously worn bracelets.